Traumatic Brain Injuries

Sometimes, accidents can lead to more serious complications, such as traumatic brain injuries. By definition, a traumatic brain injury is a brain dysfunction caused by an outside force, usually a violent blow to the head. This can occur as a result of a car accident, falls on an offshore rig, or even a sports-related injury. Symptoms can be immediate or often delayed, appearing days or weeks later.

Navigating life after a traumatic brain injury can be an emotional process, so we don’t want your personal injury case to add unneeded stress to you or your loved one’s life. Our Waitz & Downer team has the experience needed to guide you through your traumatic brain injury case with compassion so you can focus your energy on your family and loved ones.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

We understand that lawsuits and cases are sensitive in that they take time and money. That’s why we do our best to make the process for you and your family as easy as possible, by relieving you of the stresses and responsibilities that come with your case. We are confident that we will represent you well in your personal injury claim.

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