Quite often in one’s life, instances occur in which we need to depend upon another person to perform an act on our behalf as if we were the person performing the act. Our inability to perform the act may arise from the fact that we cannot be physically present when the act must occur (for example – a legal document must be signed but the person whose signature is required is out of town) or such inability could arise from an unexpected mental or physical disability. Whatever the case, life often requires that we have certain trusted individuals perform actions on our behalf and in our absence. The Law Firm of Waitz & Downer can help you through this process.

Wills and Estates Attorney Louisiana

One manner in which authority to act can be vested in another person is through a Contract of Mandate. A mandate is a contract by which a person, the principal, confers authority on another person, the mandatory, to transact one or more affairs for the principal. This is commonly referred to as a Power of Attorney.

Louisiana law allows for the principal to confer on the mandatory general authority to do whatever is appropriate under the circumstances. However, to perform certain actions the principal must expressly confer the authority to act upon the mandatory.strong

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