Why Do Medical Mistakes Cause Wrongful Deaths in New Orleans?

wrongful death attorney in Houma LA | Waitz & Downer | (985) 876-0870Wrongful death cases are devastating – whether you live in New Orleans or across the country. Unfortunately, medical negligence is more common than you think, and more people die each year because of it than AIDS, drug overdoses and breast cancer.

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But why do medical mistakes cause wrongful deaths? There are two different types of medical errors, and understanding the two will give you the answer to this painful question.

Setting a Wrong Plan

They say that “to err is human.” This may be true, but in the medical field, there are no room for mistakes. Unfortunately, many doctors and healthcare providers wind up setting a wrong plan for a patient, and that patient winds up suffering as a result.

What do we mean by “setting a wrong plan”? A wrong plan can be prescribing the wrong treatment – even though, at the time, the doctor thought it was the right treatment.

This type of medical error is common, especially if a patient is suffering from an illness or condition that the doctor has difficulty diagnosing.

Not Following Through with the Right Plan

In some cases, doctors create the right plan, but they just don’t follow through with it. A patient may get the wrong medication dosage because someone can’t read the doctor’s handwriting on the script, or a surgeon may operate on the wrong body part (yes, this does happen).

Regardless of the cause, medical mistakes can and do cause wrongful deaths. A recent study, which was published in the Journal of Patient Safety, had estimated that medical errors contribute to between 210,000 and 440,000 deaths each year. That’s equivalent to the entire population of Stockton, CA dying each year.

Startling Medical Mistake Statistics

Some medical mistakes don’t result in death, but do inflict harm on patients. One particular study found surgeons operated on the wrong body part 2,413 times in a 20 year span (1990 – 2010). Foreign objects are often left in the body (4,857 times, to be exact), and that same study found that surgeons operated on the wrong patient 27 times.

Medical mistakes can and do happen all the time. And in some cases, those mistakes lead to the death of a patient who would have otherwise lived. For the families of the victims, hearing the phrase “to err is human” brings no comfort. Whether the death was caused by a doctor prescribing the wrong treatment or the patient was given the wrong dosage of medication, medical negligence is a growing problem that inflicts harm on thousands of patients each year.

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