Why Do I Need a Small Business Attorney?

So you are thinking about starting a small business? A small business attorney at the offices of Waitz and Downer can help with that. Even if you have a small business started, having an attorney is beneficial for many reasons.

1.    Starting a Small Business

Depending on what type of small business entity you are looking to create, a small business lawyer can be quite handy. There a quite a few legal documents to handle when forming an LLC or partnership arrangement. Documents such as an LLC operating agreement or articles of incorporation must be done right to protect your personal and business interests. We understand the cost might be significant to a new business, but you know that it will be set up right from the start.

2.    Current Business Being Sued

What if your small business is being sued by an employee or unhappy customer? How can you best protect yourself and your business from long-term damage? A small business attorney can help you with that. From employee disputes or legal impacts from customer suit, small business lawyers are well prepared to protect your business interests.

3.    Contracts

What if you are looking to sell your business or draft an agreement with a supplier? This is another avenue a small business attorney can help with. They can draft the proper legal documentation that protects your business interests even if you are selling the business. Remember without the right legal documentation or contractual language in place, you could face future repercussions.

4.    Government Issues

There are also situations involving government entities where a small business attorney comes in handy. If you are facing a situation where you are being investigated by your local labor department for unfair practices, a proper attorney is definitely a good idea to have. Employee complaints relating to firing or unsafe conditions fall into this category and are best managed through legal representation.

At the law offices of Waitz and Downer, we recognize that lawyers are expensive, but we believe you get what you pay for. Having the right attorney for the right situations can protect you and your business. Let our lawyers in the Houma, Louisiana office manage your small business legal needs. Give us a call today and we can discuss your small business needs.