When You Should Have A Social Security Disability Lawyer

Have you been suffering from an injury or illness that has prevented you from being able to work for at least a year? If so, you may qualify for help from the Social Security Administration (SSA) via a claim for Social Security disability (SSD) or Social Security Income (SSI) benefits.

If you are considering filing an SSD/SSI claim, you may ask yourself if you should hire a disability lawyer. After all, legal help often comes with a steep price tag. However, your Louisiana attorney wants you to know, hiring a social security disability lawyer is the best way to help your claim succeed.

Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

In Louisiana, roughly 68% of all applicants have their SSD claim denied. The paperwork and process can be arduous, cumbersome, and confusing. Because of this, it is essential to hire an experienced, reputable lawyer like those at Waitz & Downer. An experienced Louisiana attorney can help you prepare the best argument, gather the necessary supporting documentation, and prepare you for any potential hearings you may have to go through.

When Should I Call A Social Security Disability Lawyer?

It takes the SSA three to four months to make their initial determination on your claim. If you are denied, you have sixty days to appeal the decision. Louisiana is one of the few states that does not allow you to request reconsideration if you appeal this decision. Instead, you will start your appeals process with a disability hearing. During this hearing, an administrative law judge (ALJ) will ask you various questions about your case. Within thirty days, you will receive the decision. If you are denied yet again, you have two more steps you can take to appeal this decision: an Appeals Council review and a federal court hearing.

Because of the timelines, the sequence of events, and often cumbersome paperwork – it’s best to hire a social security disability lawyer before you make your initial claim. However, if you did not hire an attorney up front, it’s not too late.

Seek Help from Louisiana Attorneys

If you are considering or have already filed an SSD/SSI claim, hire a social security disability lawyer as soon as possible. The disability lawyers at Waitz & Downer can help you to receive the compensation your illness or injury entitle you to. Contact us today.