What Compensation Can I Expect From My Accident Claim?

Louisiana law recognizes two separate forms of compensation: Actual damages, meant to cover actual medical bills, lost wages, pain & suffering and other losses and punitive damages, meant to punish the negligent party for inappropriate behavior. Louisiana State law allows punitive damages, but only in specific situations. It can get very complicated very quickly and you need the professional guidance of Waitz & Downer.

Different Accidents that Could Necessitate a Personal Injury Attorney

Technically, any accident could create a situation so serious that you need an attorney to recover compensation. Some accident claims should never be pursued without professional advice:

  • Auto accidents — depending on the circumstances, you may have to deal with state and federal law.
  • Jones Act — injuries sustained in maritime situations, including rivers or offshore.
  • Medical malpractice — any time a doctor makes a mistake.
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect — injuries while in the care of supposed medical professionals.
  • Worker compensation — injuries on the job when your employer denies your benefits or your insurance company rejects your claim.

What Kind of Compensation can I Expect?

That depends on the details of the accident:

  • Who was at fault? Did the victim contribute to the accident by being where they shouldn’t be or driving under the influence? These could reduce or eliminate your claim. Did those who caused the accident have a history of unsafe behavior or practices?
  • How much damage was done? Did your injury sideline you for a week or make you unable to work for life? Was your car in a fender-bender or is it a total wreak? Was there collateral property damage to third parties?
  • Do you have insurance? Does the other party? Does everybody have enough insurance to cover the damages and other costs?

Don’t take the burden on yourself, you probably don’t know all the right questions to ask.

How Waitz & Downer Could be a Great Fit for my Case

Contact us for a free initial consultation with an expert personal injury attorney. From our offices in Houma, Louisiana, we can represent almost any client anywhere in Louisiana, including Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Since 1952, we’ve represented more clients than we can count in personal injury cases. Our team of experts will ask all the right questions, get full answers, build a solid case of facts, negotiate a fair settlement out of court or represent your interests in court, and we won’t stop until the check is in your hands.