Top 3 Occupations That Cause The Most Work Injuries

Do you work a dangerous job? Do you, for some reason, want to work a dangerous job? What are the most dangerous jobs for injuries? For that answer, you don’t have to go on a Bering Strait crab boat. Most of the most dangerous jobs are more common than you think.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most common form of workplace injury are musculoskeletal injuries. This mostly refers to injuries involving the back muscles, the spinal cord, and the nerves that run along both. This can result in mistaken techniques in lifting heavy objects, contorting it in strange ways to finish a job, and other actions.

The BLS’s report makes clear that the positions that cause the most workplace injuries are laborers and material movers. Pretty broad category, but broad because the injuries tend to be the same in numerous different labor industries. What the bureau is referring mostly to here, however, are construction and factory workers. These positions require heavy lifting and operation of machinery that can be extremely dangerous if not handled correctly.

On The Road Again…

The second occupational field that has the most injuries are truck drivers. On the road for long stretches, simple mathematics indicates that the longer one is on the road, the higher the possibility of a driver being involved in a car accident. On top of this, truck drivers are often required to make undertake basic maintenance to their rigs while on the road. At any point, a musculoskeletal injury can occur, and do occur often.

Is There A Doctor in The House?

Finally the occupation that causes the third most amount of injuries—and this position was barely beaten out by trucking—are those working in the medical field, namely nurses, nursing aids, orderlies, and attendants. These positions tend to be the ones who are on the immediate frontline between an injured patient and the medical establishment. Their responsibilities can range, but many put them in dangerous positions with patients who offer a variety of means to injure them. The spread of infectious diseases, aggressive and violent patients, or simply helping an elderly patient up and doing it with improper techniques can lead to injury.

Many of the injuries sustained in the workplace can be avoided, but many can’t. It is best for the worker to remember this, and practice techniques that will make them as safe as possible. Working these jobs can be tough, but being out of work can be even harder!

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