Tips For Finding The Best Personal Injury Attorney

Finding the best personal injury attorney is a very important task. There’s potentially a lot of money on the line, and your long-term health could be at risk too. The result of your personal injury lawsuit is in the hands of your attorney. Here are some tips to find a good personal injury lawyer.

How to Spot the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Look for a lawyer with a lot of experience. This might seem obvious, but there are a few elements to this. First you want to find a lawyer that’s worked in personal injury for a number of years, because they’ll understand how to deal with insurance companies and the inner workings of personal injury law. Another equally important aspect is a lawyer who’s gone to trial. Insurance companies will smell blood in the water if your lawyer settles all of his or her cases. They’ll think they can control the negotiations because your lawyer is afraid to go to trial. A personal injury lawyer with trial experience shows the insurance companies that you’re ready to play hardball.


Reputation is another important thing for a personal injury lawyer. Other lawyers and insurance companies are more likely to work with a lawyer that has a good reputation. This can help get your case settled quickly, and for the most amount of money possible. Always look for a lawyer that has a good reputation with both the court system (fellow lawyers and judges) and insurance companies.


Find a lawyer who’s happy to let you talk to his or previous clients. Talking to a previous client will give an idea of how hard they’ll work, and what they’re really like when they already have you business. It also shows the attorney has nothing to hide as far as their practice is concerned. Would you trust someone with such a big thing if they were afraid to let you find out what it’s like to work with them? Previous clients can also give you some tips on how to deal with the lawyer if you decide to go with them.

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This might seem obvious, but make sure you choose an attorney whose sole focus is personal injury law. Personal injury law requires a very specific skill set as the majority of cases get settled out of court. Someone that focuses on other areas of law may not have the negotiation skills, contacts, and the understanding to help you win your personal injury lawsuit.