The BP Oil Spill and Negligence: How It Can Affect Your Business and How You Could Be Entitled to Compensation

In September, 2014, a federal judge in New Orleans ruled that the BP oil spill, which caused hundreds-of-millions of dollars in damages and caused lasting ecological harm to the Gulf of Mexico, was caused by gross negligence and willful misconduct by BP. This negligence has affected numerous businesses on the Louisiana coast. BP’s failure to include even basic safety procedures and shut-off processes allowed for thousands of tons of oil to spill into the Gulf, adversely affecting the ecology of the region and causing millions of dollars in damages to businesses across the region.

About BGP Oil Spill & Your Business

This ruling not only made the company subject to hundreds-of-millions of dollars in fines, but also set up a route for future civil claims against the company by businesses and individuals affected by the oil spill. As the spill continues to recede into the past, the ruin that it caused continues to affect businesses in Louisiana. Where business in the fishing, real estate, and development industries continue to be damaged from the oil spill, this ruling has allowed for affected owners to sue BP for compensation.

If you are in Louisiana, you may be eligible for compensation if the oil spill caused you or your business to experience losses. If you think that you are eligible, the experienced lawyers at Waitz & Downer can help you navigate the legal system and receive the damages due to you.

Waitz & Downer’s attorneys have already won numerous cases involving individuals and businesses affected by the oil spill. In fact, they have set aside a specific department in their law firm for the lawyers dealing with cases arising out of the oil spill.

Parties that can be compensated for their losses include, but are not limited to, island and waterfront property owners, business owners, and developers; dock and marina owners and operators; companies and individuals in the fishing, shrimping, oyster, and crab industries; companies and individuals who sell seafood; and owners of charter fishing and boating operations.

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If you are involved in any of these industries or feel that you may have a claim for compensation, contact the lawyers at Waitz & Downer. They provide a free first consultation to examine your claims. From there, you can hire the attorney to represent you. At this point, they will review your financial records and make a determination on whether your claims will be able to rewarded with compensation.