Texting and Driving: The Leading Cause of Car Accidents

We all know the dangers of texting and driving. Yet, the FCC reports that driver distraction caused 18% of all fatal crashes and crashes resulting in injury in 2012. Several states have enacted bans on text messaging while driving, but it’s often difficult for police to catch drivers in the act. Oftentimes, it’s already too late before officers find out that the driver had been distracted because of texting.

The good news is that new technology is being developed to help catch drivers in the act before more accidents can occur. There are also steps that you can take today to help prevent a distracted driving accident in the future.

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Texting Radar Guns

A company in Virginia is working on the development of a radar gun that would help officers catch drivers who are texting while driving.

How does this radar gun work? It detects the radio frequencies that cell phones emit when in use. Data transfer, phone calls, and text messages emit different frequencies that could be distinguished by this new device. In states where texting is banned but talking is not, this device could prove to be especially useful.

According to the developers, the device is close to production, but they still have many hurdles to clear before reaching this stage. At this point in time, the company needs legislative approval and law enforcement to adopt the device.

What You Can Do

While technology may be able to help law enforcement catch drivers in the act, there are steps you can take to help prevent accidents caused by texting and driving.

Set a good example: If you have children, set a good example by not texting and driving. If you need to send a text message or make a phone call, pull over to a safe place first.

Set ground rules: It’s important to give teenage drivers clear instructions not to use their cellphones while driving. Reinforce the fact that taking their eyes off of the road for even a few seconds could result in a serious or fatal accident.

Be active: Help spread awareness of the importance of driving without distractions both in your home and your community. Educating drivers on the consequences of texting while driving is one of the most effective ways to prevent these types of accidents in the future.

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