Steps to Take After Sustaining a Workplace Injury

Accidents can happen at work. You may be in shock, or pain, but it’s important to follow certain steps. If you don’t follow certain steps it may affect your chances of filing a Worker’s Compensation claim and receive reimbursement for your medical treatment. Here are the steps to take in order to ensure the best outcome.

Report the injury quickly

Ideally you should report the injury right after it happens. And if you can’t or forget to do it right away, make sure you do it as soon as possible. The claim will seem less legitimate if it’s been filed long after the accident occurred. You want to do this even if it seems like a minor injury, because you never know the actual extent of the injury until you’ve receive medical attention. You may find out that the injury is much worse than you thought once you see a doctor.

Go to the doctor sooner rather than later

Typically the injured person has to show that the injury occurred for an insurance company to approve it. If you wait a long time the company may think that the injury didn’t happen, or that it happened at a later date in a different location. Go to a doctor as soon as you can to make sure that the injury isn’t serious. You may have an injury that could flare up if untreated so you want to get it looked at as soon as possible. Seeking medical attention provides documentation that will help with any potential workers compensation case.

Before forthcoming with your doctor

It’s important that you tell your doctor everything. If there is any differences between reports it can greatly harm your case. Make sure you tell your doctor exactly how you’re feeling and your medical history. This will help ensure you have a strong case if necessary.

Keep your medical records

Make sure you keep all of your medical records. Even if it’s something minor you want a copy of everything. You want to make sure an attorney has everything to ensure they can put together a proper case. Ask your doctor for copies of everything no matter how small it may seem. It may make the difference in having a successful outcome for a Worker’s Compensation case.

Follow the doctor’s orders

It’s important that you do exactly what the doctor says. If you have to take medication, be sure you take it properly. If you need to go to physical therapy or rest be sure to do that too. You have to fulfill your side of medical treatment. If you don’t follow instructions an insurance company may terminate your care before you’re completely healed. If you stop going to physical therapy or stop taking your medication they’ll think that you’re healthy again, when