Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect is a very serious issue facing seniors and their families. Elder abuse can lead to physical and psychological damage that can have a lasting effect. Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms including problems with hygiene, and psychological issues. Here are five things to look out for in order to spot nursing home neglect.

An obvious thing to look for is unsanitary living conditions in the nursing home. Nursing homes are required by law to live up to a certain standard provide living conditions that don’t foster infection and give the residents a comfortable environment. Make sure to check that the bathrooms, sheets, clothing, and kitchen area are clean.

Developing psychological issues is another possible sign. This can be tricky, because declining health and an awareness of one’s own mortality can create issues as well. If they’re afraid of caretakers or start to become distant from friends and family can be signs. Nursing care abuse can lead elders to become depressed, so shifts in their mood and behavior need to be explored and taken seriously. Many senior may be scared to come forward, because they fear retaliation from the staff so be patient with them.

If your loved one starts having unexplained injuries you should check into it. Unexplained injuries can occur when elders are left to do things on their own when they require assistance. This can be something like being left to walk somewhere on their own when they lack the mobility to do so. This can cause seniors to fall and potentially injure themselves seriously.

Look out for a lack of personal hygiene. Many seniors require help with things such as getting dressed, cutting their nails, oral care, among other things. If you notice that your loved one isn’t keeping up with these things it may be a sign that either the facility doesn’t have adequate staffing or the staff doesn’t have the proper training to help with these activities.

Check in to see if the facility is making improvements and updating things. Take notice of things that are broken or out of service and ask when they’re going to be fixed. If they’re not fixed by the time they say, there’s a good chance that there’s issues with the facility. If they can’t make sure things are up to date and fixed they’re probably not doing everything for your loved one.

Above all listen to your gut. If something feels off to you it probably is. It’s always better to be safe when it comes to nursing home neglect