Oil Spill Disaster Attorney

Attention individuals and businesses that have experienced losses because of the oil spill disaster, you may deserve compensation.

These may include the following:

  • Island & waterfront property & business owners and developers
  • Dock & marina owners and operators
  • Companies & individuals in the fishing, shrimping, oyster and crab industries
  • Companies and individuals are involved seafood sales and the seafood processing/packaging industry
  • Charter fishing and boating businesses
  • Property owners and developers
  • Cleanup workers and volunteers

BP/Oil spill Related Claims Lawyer

If your business has suffered as a result of the BP Oil Spill Disaster, don’t wait. Call Waitz and Downer now for a free legal consultation. Time delays are running. If you think you have a claim, contact our Offshore Oil Spill Attorney immediately at 985-876-0870.

Our firm is vigorously representing a multitude of clients and businesses that have been impacted as a result of the BP oil spill. If you personally have been financially impacted following the oil spill or own a business whose income has been affected, don’t wait. Call our office immediately to schedule an appointment.

Our legal team will meet with you and review all of your financial records and make a determination regarding the value of your claim. We have the expertise to obtain the results you need. These claims are not limited to the seafood industry. We have helped many different types of businesses obtain financial compensation for losses as a result of the BP oil spill. Know your rights. Before you sign a Release from the GCCF, call Waitz & Downer for a free consultation about your loss at 985-876-0870.

Free Initial Consultation with Our Houma LA Oil Spill Attorney

To schedule a free confidential consultation to discuss your personal injury claim regarding the oil spill with an experienced law firm who have handled thousands of personal injury claims and has a team of lawyers specializing in the area of personal injury law, please call us at 985-876-0870. If you prefer, you can email us at info@waitz-downer.com or fill out our contact form, and an experienced personal injury lawyer will contact you to schedule an appointment.