Safety at Night for Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Drivers

Safety at Night for Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Drivers in Baton Rouge, LA

When nighttime hits, lower visibility can cause pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers to be at risk of accidents or injuries. Taking safety precautions to ensure that others can see you is a great start. You can boost your safety at night by slightly changing your everyday habits in very minimal ways. Let’s take a look at a few great ways to improve your safety at night.

Clothing Colors

Dark clothes should be avoided by pedestrians and cyclists as they can put you in potentially dangerous situations. Wearing dark colors can cause a driver to not be able to see you even if their headlights are on. Instead, light color clothing should be worn so that you’re easily spotted in the dark.

Reflective Clothing

If you like to take a late night walk, run, or bicycle ride, you’ll want to wear reflective gear each time. This can be a reflective jacket or reflectors placed on your bicycle. These items will reflect the headlights of a vehicle so that you’re easily visible to drivers.

Crosswalks and Sidewalks

Sidewalks should be the first place you walk and bike lanes should be the place you cycle. The idea is that these areas are always free from vehicles and are often well lit. If you’re not able to bicycle in a designated bike lane, cycling near the shoulder of the road is your next best option. The goal is to stay as far from moving vehicles as possible. When crossing the road, always cross at a crosswalk to ensure your safety.

Protective Gear

When riding a bicycle, you should be wearing protective gear. In the event that you’re hit by a motor vehicle or simply fall off of your bike, protective gear will soften the blow. The most important item to wear will be a helmet. Helmets should fit snugly and can be stylish. This is the first and most important piece of equipment that you’ll need before hitting the road.

Follow Road Safety Rules

Road safety is a must for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. You’ll want to:

  • Look twice before crossing the road or making a turn
  • Follow stop sign rules
  • Follow traffic light rules
  • When possible, cross the road at crosswalks only

Basic road safety can help you boost your safety during the day and night. As a driver, you must adhere to the rules of the road and drive within the speed limit. The first step to safety is to be a defensive driver that is cautious of their surroundings and drives cautiously when a pedestrian or cyclist is seen.

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