5 Reasons Why You Need a Living Will

Death is a fact of life, and it is important to consider your own mortality when planning for the future. If an accident happens or you become ill who will make end of life decisions for you? This is what a living will is for. Anyone of adult age can have a living will, and it is an important document to consider creating. A living will is like a set of instructions on how you want your life to be handled when you are no longer capable of making the decision. Here are five reasons why you need a living will:

  • It lets you be in charge. You can choose your end of life decisions such as pain management, life support decisions, and nutrition
  • It can ease the emotions of others. Without a living will your family members can only guess what you would have wanted. A living will, will grant them the security that they made the right decisions.
  • It can be cost affective. End of life care can be expensive, so a living will can take the guesswork out of family members hands. Attaining a living will from a lawyer is also relatively inexpensive.
  • It creates medical authority to one or two of your family members. You can choose who you want to speak for you. This person can communicate with your doctors and handle bills and expenses.
  • It is simple to do. Visiting and lawyer and creating a living will is quick and simple.

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