Why You Need A Social Disability Lawyer!

When you need to get the benefits that you are entitled to, the best way to do that is to hire an attorney. Why?

First, your chances of being approved for a disability case goes up exponentially when you have representation. While you can fill out the paperwork yourself, those people who are represented by counsel are more likely to be approved. The statistics don’t lie. Your social disability attorney knows how to present your case in the way that makes their client not only look their best but they know what the administration wants to hear. They can work to and offer advice on items like your alleged onset date and argue for your medical condition.

The Social Security Administration has a detailed list of precise illnesses that are approved for automatic approval of benefits. Your disability lawyer knows what these are and will see if your condition falls into one of them. If they do – then you are already well down the road to receiving benefits. If your illness doesn’t fit the usual mold, they will highlight the facts of the case that are the most relevant and persuasive. Not only that, they can provide all the medical evidence from your doctor and medical staff, complete briefs (paperwork for the court) and prepare you for a judge’s questions.

If you are considering filing, you should call and get representation as quickly as possible. Most, if not all, attorneys will assess your case at no cost to you. They can tell you right away if you have a case and give you an idea of what your chances are (and the timeline) for being approved.

There are standards set for the fees for disability lawyers. They are entitled to 25% of your backpay or $6000 whichever is less. This means that if you involve an attorney at the beginning of the process and you are approved quickly, there won’t be a large amount to pay in fees. Having someone on your side who knows how the system works is the far better choice.

We Help With Social Security Disability Claims

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