Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

Many real estate sales and purchases are done with standardized contracts. Within the State of Louisiana, a real estate attorney may be of assistance for a variety of situations. For most buying options, contracts have become rather standardized wherein they are ironclad, but there are times when an attorney can be beneficial.

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During commercial sales, high priced sales or times when there are tax liens on a property or title issues, a real estate attorney is the preferred option. The following matters are often worked on by an attorney:Real Estate Attorney Houma LA

  • Clearing property titles.
  • Title insurance and curative work.
  • Litigation matters relating to real estate.
  • Succession-related issues.
  • Representation provided to lenders.
  • Tax liens that may be present on a property.

When a smooth transaction is preferred, an attorney will be able to help. There are also times when an attorney may be asked their opinion on abstract or title matters. Whether selling or buying a property, an attorney will be of assistance. Problems with closings are often remedied by the help of an attorney as well.

But My Agent Can Help!

While most real estate matters are dealt with by a real estate agent, there are some matters that even the most experienced agent will not be able to assist with. For instance, you may purchase a property that is currently occupied by a tenant. Depending on the lease that has been signed, you may be wondering what legal responsibilities you have to the tenant. Is there something within the lease that would invalidate the lease on sale of the property?

These are matters that can be very complex and complicated when buying or selling a property. During these times, you will want an experienced attorney to help you to ensure that your actions are done on a firm legal ground.

There are also times when you have already made a bid on a property, are proceeding with the closing process and an unusual request is made by the seller. When you are in the midst of buying a property, the last thing you want to do is sign any questionable documentation or make any rash decisions. It is always better to seek legal representation when you are simply unsure of a document’s wording, and you have been asked to sign a document.

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Even if the seller of the property has a real estate attorney, you will quickly find out that they are not working for you. Instead, always seek your own attorney when matters outside of your understanding are presented. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for help.