Do I Need a Business Lawyer for my Houma LA business?

From incorporation to sales contracts, you may need a business lawyer to help your entity run smoothly. Legal issues can arise if you do not form your business properly, adhere to state laws or simply form a contract that is not legally binding. In short, every business can run more effectively and securely if they have the help of a trusted, reputable lawyer.

Choosing a Business Lawyer Houma LA

A few of the many aspects of the business that a lawyer can help with include:

  • Incorporation: Incorporation, whether an LLC, corporation or partnership must be done properly. A business lawyer will adhere to government and state laws and ensure that your business can start without any legal worries.
  • Initial Documents: Depending on the entity, articles of incorporation, bylaws and other documents required to remain compliant will need to be filed.
  • Operating Agreements: A necessity for a limited liability company. Operating agreements can be drafted by a lawyer.
  • Contracts: Whether drafting a contract or signing a contract, a business lawyer will be able to ensure that your best interest is always in mind.
  • Updates: Businesses that expand, change ownership or have major internal changes will require amendments made to operating agreements or articles of incorporation. A lawyer will ensure all of the proper updates are made to remain compliant.
  • Audits: If your business is audited by the IRS, it is paramount that you seek the help of a business lawyer and an accountant. Audits are very serious and should only be handled by a professional.

There are some aspects of the business that will not require the help of a lawyer. These will include the following:

  • Leasing an office
  • Interviewing employees
  • Filing paperwork with the IRS
  • Applying for business licenses
  • Applying for an EIN

You may not need a lawyer for incorporation, business name research or trademark research, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Many businesses must undergo name changes due to infringing on another entity’s name. Keep this in mind before filling out any paperwork to incorporate your business.

Experienced Business Attorney in Houma

When dealing with large transactions or purchases, a lawyer should be present to overlook any contracts that will be signed. As a business owner, you will come across many scenarios that require the help of a lawyer. If you are unsure of a decision or have just started your business, call a business lawyer to guarantee that your company is compliant with all local and government laws.

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