Lawyer Vs. Self-Representation

Lawyer Vs. Self-Representation: The Right Choice for Your Legal Needs

Every citizen of the United States has a right to represent themselves in a court of law. Self-representation can work in favor of a person if they are highly knowledgeable in law, but this is often not the case.

The matter also depends on the consequences of losing a case. If you are going to lose your license for 12 months or you are facing criminal charges that could land you in jail for years, it is much better to work with a lawyer. Let the experts at Waitz & Downer evaluate your case today!

Why Lawyers are Needed

There are a plethora of practice areas and specialty law that a lawyer can cover. Personal injury, for instance, can include worker’s compensation claims, medical malpractice and even auto accidents. Depending on your case, you will need someone that is highly educated and has experience to fight on your behalf.

Even a person with a criminal law background will find that:

  • Laws differ from state to state
  • Their knowledge only spans to a particular area of law
  • Judgment can be clouded under self-representation

There is no harm in wanting to defend yourself in court, but it can lead to:

  • Maximum fines
  • Maximum jail time
  • Maximum penalties

Lawyers have the resources to be able to fight on behalf of their clients so that they receive lower fines, penalties, jail time and win their cases. When you are representing yourself, you will not have the resources or manpower behind you to gather evidence or deal with calls from opposing lawyers.

Compelling cases can be made by a person that chooses self-representation. In fact, some cases are so clear that a person will not need to seek a lawyer, but these cases are not the norm. When another party has an experienced lawyer working for them, your compelling case can unravel due to lack of legal knowledge and experience.

Before making a final decision, you must also consider that many lawyers offer free consultations to potential clients. Free consultations will allow you to determine the difficulty of a case as well as if a lawyer is a good choice for you.

Experienced Attorney Baton Rouge

Deciding between a lawyer vs. self-representation in Baton Rouge is a difficult choice. If you are faced with the possibility of jail time or losing thousands of dollars in potential compensation for a personal injury, call us today for a free consultation.