June Is Children Awareness Month – What to Do If Your Child Is Injured in a Car Accident

June is children awareness month, and nothing is more devastating to a parent than hearing the news that their child has been in an auto accident. Whether your child was the driver of the vehicle or they were a passenger, there are numerous steps you need to take to prepare yourself. At Waitz & Downer, we believe that every accident can be handled appropriately if those involved are informed!

Seek Medical Attention If Your Child is Injured

Medical attention is of the utmost importance. Regardless of the injuries sustained, you will need to bring your child to a medical expert as quickly as possible. Even if there are no apparent injuries, shock may be masking pain or injuries may become known at a further date.

Medical attention will allow you to have documentation of injuries sustained and will ensure that your child is currently in good health.

Obtain a Police Report

After seeking medical attention, it is time to obtain a police report. Every accident will require that a police report be taken. Even if the other motorist fled the scene, a police report must be made. The police report obtained will document what occurred leading up to the accident, injuries, the time and date and the names of any responding officers.

A police report will allow you to contact an insurance company and will act as proof of an accident taking place.

Contact Insurance Companies

Contacting an insurance company is essential. If your child was the driver, you will need to contact your respective insurer to file a claim. If your child was a passenger, you will need to seek compensation from the driver-at-fault’s insurance company.

This information can be found within the police report. If you are on the scene of the accident, ensure that your child’s name is added into the police report.

You may also seek medical bill coverage from your own insurance company as liability is not a requirement for the medical coverage provided.

Contact a Lawyer

If an insurer is attempting to decline a claim or your child has been seriously injured and you want to seek restitution, it is best to contact a lawyer immediately. The faster a lawyer is contacted, the easier it will be to collect evidence and make a claim.

Most personal injury lawyers will work on a contingency basis so that if you do not receive a settlement, they will not require a payment. Don’t hesitate to contact the attorneys at Waitz & Downer today if you have any questions, or if you need help with an auto accident case.