I’m Selling a House: Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney?

If you have ever sold a house, you know how much work the process can be from start to finish. When facing the daunting tasks and sometimes confusing legal documents which must be read and signed throughout the home-selling process, most people employ the services of a real estate agent to assist them. In addition to listing the property, advertising and marketing the home with flyers and open houses, and explaining the various documents and contracts before you sign, real estate agents are an extremely useful liaison between the buyer and the seller.

Do I Need a Real Estate Attorney

Especially in home sales that are particularly intricate or tricky, however, you may wish to retain a real estate attorney in place of, or in conjunction with, your selling agent. Legal matters connected to the sale, such as property liens or complicated zoning issues, cannot be dealt with by a real estate agent in a court of law. Real estate lawyers are not required by law for the purchase or sale of a home in most states, but they can prove invaluable in the event of a legal problem related to the transaction. If a situation arises that requires legal assistance, only a real estate attorney is allowed to provide you with legal counsel and represent you in court.

It can also be helpful to have a real estate attorney help you review contracts and assist with negotiations, especially if your contract has any clauses or stipulations that are not standard. While a real estate agent is well-versed in contracts pertaining to home purchases and sales, only a real estate attorney can answer legal questions and make sure that your negotiations are in total compliance of the law. Furthermore, if you are selling a property and buying another in the same time frame, and the sellers of the property you are buying have not employed an agent, it is worth your while to have a real estate attorney look over any documents pertaining to that transaction.

Real Estate Attorneys Thibodaux, LA

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