How Do I Know I Have a Good Attorney?

At the Thibodaux, Louisiana offices of Waitz and Downer, we offer numerous legal services. While we are well known for our personal injury law, we also handle business, real estate, social security, and estate law. We are also working tirelessly to help clients and businesses that were impacted by the BP oil spill. Besides, our many legal services, we also want to provide some good advice when picking a good attorney such as us. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  •  Ask about experience

The first thing any potential client should ask their attorney about is their experience. How many cases have they handled? What were the outcomes? How many years have they been a lawyer? Knowing if your lawyer is just out of law school versus a seasoned professional can really mean the difference to you. It really depends on your comfort level and the type of case you want litigated.

  •  Does your lawyer listen?

Do you feel like your lawyer listens to you? Do they seem compassionate and understanding of your situation? Having a good rapport with your lawyer is important. If you feel like they do not understand your legal issue or are unsympathetic, then it is quite possible they will not put forth their best effort in your defense.

  • Does your lawyer communicate?

Communication is key. If your lawyer is not passing along pertinent information or is hard to get a hold of, it can be extremely frustrating. Make sure to establish early on what type of communication your lawyer will have with you along with the frequency. This way you are prepared and everyone’s expectations are clear.

  • Are they available?

This goes hand-in-hand with the communication piece. If your lawyer is unreachable or is constantly busy, then you may feel they are not working in your best interest. Again, establish expectations up front.

  • Past references

Ask for past references if possible. Hearing from other clients can definitely help you determine if this lawyer is the one for you. If clients note that your lawyer was always hard to reach, then maybe that attorney just is not the one for you.

The law offices of Waitz and Downer have many experienced attorneys who can handle a variety of cases. Whether it relates to a personal injury situation or a business legal issue, our lawyers are prepared to support and handle your case professionally and compassionately. Contact our office and schedule your free consultation today.