How to Document Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering will be a major factor in the settlement reached during a personal injury case. The better that a person documents their pain and suffering, the easier it will be to ensure that it is possible to reach the maximum settlement. The documentation process, however, is the responsibility of the injured person. The Law Firm of Waitz & Downer can help.

The following guidelines should be followed when trying to document pain and suffering:Personal Injury Attorney Baton Rouge

  • Photographs: When possible, photographs of the scene of the accident should be taken as well as any resulting injuries and/or damage.
  • Medical Care: The medical care received will be an indicator of the injuries sustained and the severity of the injuries. Medications should be documented, medical records should be kept and all expenses should be documented.
  • Keep a Journal: A journal documenting all of your troubles after the injury should be kept. This journal will include any trouble sleeping, fatigue, distress and any factors that have now disturbed your life both physically and emotionally.
  • Missed Work: Financial suffering must also be documented. This not only means medical bills, but also time missed from work.

Ultimately, you want to keep a log and any proof that can be provided to a lawyer that will show that your life has changed after your injury occurred. Working with a personal injury attorney for this process can also help.

Documenting Proof

Unless medical treatment is sought, it is very difficult to document proof of pain and suffering. The goal is to be very forthcoming with your needs and to ensure that if an issue does arise, you seek medical attention promptly. The proof is up to you to document. This means that:

  • A doctor should be visited for any pain or discomfort that is seen.
  • If pain or discomfort is seen, it is better to ask for medication or seek medical attention than to try and ignore the pain.
  • Photographs of injuries and the healing process should be taken to provide a guideline of the healing process.
  • Emotional distress and trauma is best dealt with by a psychologist. If you experience any emotional distress following your injury, it is a good idea to seek the help of a psychologist.

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The more proof that you can obtain about your injury and the pain and suffering it caused, the easier it will be to reach a higher settlement. If you do not seek medical attention or keep close documentation of your suffering, it may be impossible to prove the extent of your injuries. Regular doctor visits are recommended after the injury. Contact us today for more information or for help filing your claim.