Did Your Employer Deny Your Workers’ Compensation Claim? What You Need To Know

Denied Workers’ Compensation? Here’s What to Do:

Your first impulse may be to get angry, and you probably have every right to be. Avoid this temptation, however strong it hits you — acting in anger never turns out well.

Now that you’re all calm and collected, contact Waitz & Downer, one of the top workers’ compensation law firms in Louisiana, and let us help you sort this out.

Who Do I Talk to in my Company after I’m Denied?

The personnel department, if the company has one, is probably the place to start. They keep records of all employee actions, and they should have a complete record on your claim, physicians’ contact info and reports, reasons for denial and who made that decision. You have every right to this information and you’ll need copies if you have to go to court. (Remember, some companies are better at keeping records than others and, should paperwork get “lost”, your claim may be put at risk, so, visit early and as often as needed.)

If the company is small, you may do best to go straight to the owner, or indirectly through your supervisor, to find out who has the paperwork, who made the decision and why.

Regardless of the path you take, be firm but polite, get the information you need, and keep copies of everything. If you encounter resistance, let them resist. Tell them, “Okay, my lawyer will be in touch,” and walk away.

How Can Waitz & Downer Help Fight for My Claim?

For over 50 years, Waitz & Downer has handled personal injury cases, becoming some of the best workers’ compensation lawyers in practice today. Your initial consultation is, of course, confidential and free. Our team of experienced lawyers, investigators, accident reconstruction technicians, nursing consultants and other experts has handled thousands of injury claims. We know Louisiana injury law forward and backward.

For example, unlike other personal injury cases, workers’ compensation claims do not include compensation for pain and suffering. However, those injured on the job should receive compensation for physician care (using the doctor of your choice), medical care (hospital stays, treatments, equipment, etc.) and disability income (66 percent of the average gross payment in your last four paychecks).

If you live in Houma, Lafayette, Baton Rouge or Thibodaux, Louisiana, Waitz & Downer should be your law firm of choice for workers’ compensation cases and any other legal needs.