The Critical Steps To Take When You’re In An Auto Accident

If you’re in an auto accident, you may find yourself in a heightened emotional state. Decisions you make in the aftermath of a car accident can be critical. Be sure you’re prepared to respond to an auto accident by reviewing important steps when you’re calm and collected.

What to do in an accident:

  • If you aren’t seriously injured and traffic conditions allow you to move your car. Move your care safely  to the shoulder of the road to avoid further damage or injury. If it’s not possible – flip on your hazards to warn other drivers that your vehicle is stopped.
  • Stop your vehicle. Follow all necessary steps to ensure your car is no longer moving or running. Take a moment to breath and prepare yourself before opening your car door. Make sure it’s safe to exit your vehicle.
  • Check on all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians that may have been involved in the auto accident. If anyone is injured, call 911. Unless it is necessary do not move anyone who is injured until medical professionals arrive at the scene.
  • Call the police. In auto accidents causing significant property damage, physical injury or death, you are required to call the police. But even in minor traffic incidents, a police accident report can simplify  your subsequent interactions with your insurance company and the other drivers involved.
  • Gather information about all parties involved in the auto accident. This information should include, names , contact numbers, addresses, drivers’ license numbers, license plate numbers and insurance information from all drivers involved. You should also obtain contact information for any passengers and witnesses, as well as the name and badge numbers of responding police officers. If possible, take photos of any damage to any vehicle or property.

What to do after you’re in an accident:

  • Contact your insurance company promptly to inform them of the accident. Be cooperative, courteous and honest. If the insurance company discovers you’ve misrepresented information about the accident, they could deny you coverage for the accident. Avoid discussing the auto accident with anyone except your lawyer, your insurance company and the police.
  • Contact a lawyer.

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