Most Common Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

When you run a business you know that things can always get a little complicated. In fact, you know that it can be a LOT complicated. There’s a lot to manage between what you want and your employees, partners and even the law. But litigation and other legal issues can really be a pain. Here’s a list of the most common business legal issues so you can try and avoid them.

#1 Employees

One of the most common issues in business has to deal with employees and their rights. When dealing with unions you need to be especially careful that you do things the right way. The most common issue (if you are not in a no-fault state like Utah) is dismissing an employee for non-performance. You want to have policies in place and follow those policies to ensure that you can document and prove that all employees are treated fairly as well as dismissed fairly.

#2 Harassment

The last thing that you ever want to do is to be accused of harassment or discrimination. This applies to age, sexual or ethnic discrimination. Your HR department should regularly review the policies to make sure they are in compliance with current regulations and that any improprieties in the company can be corrected. Avoid situations that can lead to issues with employees. For example, you want to limit hours meetings between male and female coworkers that are held one on one. Some managers go as far as to always leave their door open when dealing one on one with employees. This small step can be a huge saving grace and deterrent to any harassment problems.

#3 Immigration

Always make sure that any employee has the right to work legally in this country. This small step can avoid a lot of problems in the future.

#4 Upset customers

Treat all your customers ethically, fairly and by using the golden rule. These small steps will alleviate even the worst problems. Correct any mistakes that you make and take responsibility. This can diffuse most situations and reduce or remove the need for legal action.

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