Common Causes of Fatal Car Accidents

As summer approaches, more Americans will hit the road, heading to vacation, to see new sites, or just driving a joy ride. As more Americans travel, car accidents will become more common, many of these fatal.

Eyes On The Road

The most common cause of fatal accident is, surprise surprise, distracted driving. In an age of cell phones, Facebook, and iTunes, people have a tough time leaving their phone untouched and paying attention to the road. Distracted drivers divert their attention from the road for a number of reasons besides personal technology: eating food, misbehaving children in the backseat, and interesting sights on the side of the road also play in. Ten-and-two, eyes at 12 o’clock will keep you safe!

How Fast is Too Fast?

The second most common cause is speeding. While many of us would like to forget about the science classes we sat through in high school, speeding being a common cause of death is simple physics: the faster you travel, the slower your reaction is. If you need to prevent an accident, the faster you are going is roughly equal to the melting away of a split second needed to avoid the accident. Slow down!

Just Call An Uber!

The third most common cause also happens to be the cause most commonly marketed against throughout American society: drunk driving. Many drivers do not realize that, just because you don’t have the “spins” doesn’t mean you are not inebriated. Alcohol of any type, of any amount in your system slows your reaction time down. At the end of the day, this is one of the most avoidable of fatal car accidents. Bring a designated driver, call a cab, or take part in the growing popularity that is Uber or Lyft. It may save your life!

Another common cause are the elements. Rain and wet roads remain one of the biggest causes of fatal car accidents. Remember that the posted speed limits are recommended maximum speeds for roads that are not effected by weather, be it rain, snow, or ice. It may always be a good idea to drive under that posted limit.

Finally, stop signs and red lights don’t just mean stop, but also mean to pay attention to other drivers who may not be paying as much attention as you are. It is always a good idea when you are approaching an intersection with lights to pay attention to cross-traffic and ensure no one is driving too fast up to a red light as you approach a green.

This leads to the finale: defensive driving is a must. If you pay attention to the dangers on the road, and stay defensive, you will stay alive.

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