Can You Get A DUI On A Boat?

Boating DUI Accident AttorneysYou know that you can get a DUI when driving an automobile and motorcycle, but what about a boat? The short answer is yes. A boat is considered a vehicle, and while you may not be on land, this does not mean you can drink the night away and operate the boat safely.

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Boating under the influence is enforced in most states.

A BUI is described as an impairment due to alcohol or drugs that occurs when operating a vessel in a body of water. The charges will often occur when a person has a blood alcohol level of 0.8 – .10 (each state has its own BAC limitation for a BUI).

According to the Coast Guard, operating a boat while impaired is even more dangerous than driving an automobile while impaired. In fact, boat operators are put under the same scrutiny as drivers and may be:

  • Pulled over by the Coast Guard
  • Be subjected to checkpoints

You need to operate your boat while being of sound mind.

Operating a boat while being impaired has dire consequences that vary from case to case. What consequences exist?

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Lose of boating license
  • Criminal record
  • Liability for damages caused

If you happen to collide with another boat, you may be liable for the injuries sustained by all passengers of the other boat as well as passengers on your own boat. Operating any vehicle, including a boat, while being impaired is classified as a negligent act that you will be held liable for as a result.

Drinking or using drugs while operating a boat is never recommended.

Boating Accident Attorney in Houma LA

Personal injury claims can also be pursued by anyone injured due to the negligence of the boat operator. If you have been injured on a boat due to a boat operator being under the influence, it’s time to have an boating accident attorney in Houma LA to view your case. Call Waitz and Downer today at (985) 876-0870!