Bicycle Accidents Caused by Right Turns

Bike Accident Attorney in Baton Rouge, LA | Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys at Waitz and DownerVehicle drivers tend to misjudge the speed at which a bicyclist can travel or fail to see the bicyclist altogether, which results in a collision referred to as the “right hook.” A right hook occurs when a driver makes a right turn and strikes a bicyclist who was riding alongside the vehicle, riding across the street or continuing straight in the bike lane. In Louisiana, there are a growing number of people using bicycles as a means of transportation and, as such, the incidents of vehicles colliding with bicyclists have also increased. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the statistics demonstrate that in 2013 there were essentially 2 bicyclists in the U.S. fatally injured every day from colliding with a car and tens of thousands more bicyclists suffering non-fatal injuries.

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The question of who is liable when a vehicle is involved in a bicycle accident is of paramount concern when it comes time to assign responsibility for the consequences of the crash. In the event of a vehicle making a right turn and hitting a bicyclist, the driver is typically found to be at-fault for the collision due to the grave injuries suffered by the bicyclist. However, both the driver and bicyclist can practice safe driving techniques to avoid these dangerous accidents, such as being aware of any blind spots, remaining attentive to the surroundings, keeping a safe distance from the other operator, practicing defensive driving skills and focusing on the task at-hand.

Baton Rouge Bicycle Injury Attorney

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