Aviation Accidents

Travel by air is extremely common in today’s world. Despite the safety sanctions in place, accidents still happen. Personal injury or death caused by an aviation accident is sudden and tragic and the cases can be complex. You and your family deserve the dedication of the legal team at Waitz & Downer by your side.

With the Gulf Coast right outside our doors, we have been handling aviation accidents and crashes for over 65 years. Accidents can be caused by a variety of factors including mechanical or electrical malfunction or operational error.

Whether the case involves private airplanes, helicopter crashes, offshore travel by air, or even commercial airlines, our knowledgeable team includes aviation and medical experts ready to help with your case.

Let Waitz & Downer Fight for You

We understand that lawsuits and cases are sensitive in that they take time and money. That’s why we do our best to make the process for you and your family as easy as possible, by relieving you of the stresses and responsibilities that come with your case. We are confident that we will represent you well in your aviation claim.

If you have been injured while flying, onshore or offshore, call (985) 876-0870 for a no obligation consultation. Fill out our contact form below and a personal injury attorney from Waitz & Downer will contact you to schedule an appointment.