5 Things to Do Immediately After a Maritime Accident Occurs

If you’ve been injured on a ship, boat, jet ski, ferry, barge, fishing boat, sailboat, cruise ship or anything else that goes on the water, you’ve been involved in a maritime accident. We know it’s scary and that you’re in shock, so what should you do? How should you handle this accident? Here are our 5 tips to calm you down and help you get this situation under control.

#1 Get information

When any accident happens, you need to try and get as much information as possible. Statements and contact information for witnesses of the incident can be vital in protecting yourself if it comes to litigation. For example, if you or a family member was injured because of an unsafe condition, you could photograph that area or specific problem.

#2 Document the problem/accident

Create your own list of names, job titles and statements of anyone that might be able to assist you or were a witness. The crew member may say something that will help you later down the road like this is a common problem or this happens all the time. With all the confusion that typically occurs after an accident, it will be hard to remember specifically what was said and who said it.

#3 Report it to the proper authorities

If you have an accident or are the victim of a crime, you need to report it immediately. This goes back to getting information and documenting any possible problems. If the event happens in international waters or out of the country, notify the correct authorities in the U.S. when you return home. If you are uncertain which authority to contact, start with any one and they will generally direct you to the correct department or organization.

#4 Contact an attorney

There is a timeline for maritime accidents to be litigated. As soon as you receive any treatment that you need, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. There is only six months for you to be able to take any action and sooner is better.

#5 Relax

Once you’ve worked with an attorney to get the claim started, they will work for you on your behalf. Try and respond as quickly and accurately as you can to their requests for more information. Then work on getting better and putting the accident behind you.

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