5 Boat Safety Tips to Always Consider When On the Water

5 Boat Safety Tips | Boat Accident Attorney | Waits & DownerWhen you operate a boat or any watercraft, it’s important to follow proper safety procedures to ensure the safety of yourself and any passengers. Boats and watercrafts can be very dangerous when not operated properly, or under the wrong conditions.

In the month of July alone, over 900 people on average will report accidents on the water.

Since the summer months are booming with tourists and boat operators, the number of accidents arises. And when the Fourth of July holiday rolls around, injuries occur more often. At Waitz & Downer, we believe the following boat safety tips should always be enforced when out on the water.

1. The Captain Should Never Drink Alcohol

It goes without saying that all captains of the boat should never drink alcohol when operating their watercraft. Alcohol inhibits your ability to make the right decisions in a timely manner. With the sun, heat and motion of the water, the effects of alcohol are stronger when on the water.

2. Never Lose Focus of Your Surroundings

When you’re operating the boat, it’s important to always stay focused and undistracted. You should pay attention to your surroundings at all times so that you can react to potential hazards in the water.

3. Lack of Experience

Boat operators that have just obtained their license are still not experienced. It’s highly recommended that you take a state-approved safety course that is geared towards boat operation. This may even be required, depending on your state.

These courses will teach you the basic safety procedures that advanced boaters will use to stay safe on the water.

4. Don’t Speed

You should enjoy the water and not rush to get to your destination. Certain states have speed limits in the water, depending on the time of day. Especially during tourist season when a lot of people are in the water, there will be limits to how fast you can go when operating a boat. Going at a slower speed allows you to react to potential obstacles in the water faster and with more efficiency.

Studies shown that excessive speed is the main reason for accidents and fatalities when operating a boat.

5. Follow the Rules and Regulations

You must know the proper navigation rules of your state. This will allow you to navigate your boat properly and not get lost.

Also, it’s important to have all of the appropriate safety equipment on your boat. This equipment, such as a life jacket, should be present in the respective number as required for the amount of people on your boat. You’ll also want to ensure that all of your equipment is tested and examined before going out on the water.

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