10 Tips for Hiring the Right Attorney for Your Business

Finding the Right Business AttorneyYou run your own business and never want to tackle tough legal problems on your own. Choosing the right business attorney for your business will allow you to avoid potential legal troubles from arising while also helping you save money.

The following 10 tips will help you choose the right attorney.

1. Research the Attorney’s Practice

You don’t want an attorney that is a jack of all trades. You need a business attorney that has significant experience in business law. Always make sure that your attorney concentrates on business law specifically.

2. Research His or Her Experience

It takes a few seconds to research an attorney. A brief visit to his or her website will provide you with an idea of how many years they have been in practice. You can also determine this by the year your attorney was granted their law degree.

3. Past Performance

Ask your attorney about their past performance. Have they helped others in your current situation, and if so, what was the outcome?

4. Do You and Your Attorney Get Along?

Your attorney and you will need to spend a lot of time together. You want to make sure that during your initial consultation, your personalities don’t clash and that you’re compatible. This will allow you to get the most out of your attorney without being afraid to call them simply because you’re not compatible.

5. Availability

Attorneys are busy and they won’t be able to answer your calls night and day, but they still need to be available when you need them most. Will you be able to reach them by phone, email or only in-person?

6. Research the Attorney Online

You research products you buy before making a purchase, and you need to do the same with your attorney. Continuing your research online is essential. You want to research the following:

  • AVVO rating
  • SuperLawyer listing
  • Possible disciplinary record (if any)
  • News coverage (if any)

You will also want to look at Yelp and Google+ to see reviews from other clients.

7. Get References

When possible, get references from friends, family and business associates. This will provide you with an indication of which attorney to choose.

8. Consider Aptitude and Judgment

Some attorneys are known for taking risks and others make every problem you have into a catastrophe. You need to consider the attorney’s judgment and how well prepared he or she is with your business matter.

9. Trial Experience

Going to trial is the last resort for your business. No one wants to go to trial because there is always a chance you will lose the case. Having an attorney with trial experience will allow you to take on any legal problems with confidence.

10. Understand the Attorney’s Fee Structure

The last and final tip deals with the attorney’s fees. Legal fees can be very costly, so ask your attorney about their fee structure and know exactly what to expect before hiring them. Some lawyers will work based on a retainer, others will charge hourly and others will charge based on the complexity of the issue.

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